Louis XVIII’s conversation with the Duke of Orleans, 1819

Louis XVIII of France

Source (French)

The main subject of the conversation was Orleans’ decision to send his children to a public school, the high school Henri IV, rather than have them privately tutored as was the norm. Louis XVIII disapproved, he did not help it. In the course of the conversation, the proximity to the throne of Orleans was broached. Louis XVIII said the following:

You are of my family, you have children, the Duchess of Berry does not have any yet, I hope she will, but if she does not, your son will come to the throne. I do not pretend to dictate the original validity of the renunciations of the Spanish branch, but I will tell you frankly what I think they are in the present state of affairs. I am not interested in this, it can not look at me, since in my lifetime it can not be questioned. If, in 1719, Felipe V had returned to France, he would have ascended the throne without difficulty, for the nation would have carried him there, and your great-grandfather would have had no support. That’s what I think. Charles III [Carlos III of Spain] Would perhaps have arrived there also because of the great opinion of his character and the respect he inspired. It would not have been the same for Charles IV [Carlos IV of Spain], it was already far away, but the present king would not have a voice. So, although your son can hardly be my immediate successor, because there is too much between him and him, however, it is quite possible that he will succeed thereafter.