Louis de Lauban: Asinine Propagandist

There is an Anjouist out there by the name of Louis de Lauban.  I hope none of you out there have the unfortunate displeasure of ever coming across him.

He is the same person I referred to previously (though not by name).

It is his modus operandi to put down and insult everyone who disagrees with him.  He is apparently a professor of history, but acts in a totally unbecoming way.  Then again, that’s not unusual for academics these days.

Here are some of his interactions with others on Facebook:

As one can see, he is not the nicest person to come across.

And then there is this:

So he claims Ferdinand Philippe was a Sicilian.  This, of course, is a failed attempt to refute the rule requiring the king to be French.

Well, I hate to burst his bubble, but this was done because the French princes were in exile, not by free choice.  This is just like the birth of the late Count of Paris.  This birth was done abroad under force and duress because Napoleon was in charge of France.  Thus, it cannot be counted against him.  It was only six years earlier that Napoleon had murdered the Duke of Enghien.

As for the comments about Ferdinand Philippe’s marriage, we have already refuted such absurd claims.

And here it appears he’d rather have a republic than have the Orleans on the throne:

louis 4