Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza on the Dynastic Dispute

HRH The Duke of Braganza. Photo: CC 3.0 – Jembaixador

Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganza and head of the Royal House of Portugal made some comments on the French dynastic dispute.  It should be noted these comments were made prior to the death of the late Count of Paris.

It seems obvious to me that from the point of view of the French dynastic law the question is very clear. Moreover, the Count of Paris is recognized by all as head of the Royal House of France. Prince Jean is also recognized as heir to the Royal House by all European royal families. The origin of the current dynastic conflict comes, in my opinion, from the fact that many French royalists did not like my uncle Henri at all.

His little son Jean, is a person with indisputable morality, with opinions on cultural subjects and politics quite interesting. He does not hesitate to collaborate with French royalist organizations, despite the fact that he too must exercise a professional activity. That said, I have a lot of personal sympathy for Prince Luis Alfonso de Bourbon, whom I would like to know better.