Statement on the Supposed “Bourbons” of India


In recent years, there has been some buzz about a lost branch of “Bourbons” in India.

An English newspaper even had the headline “The next King of France? An Indian!” Well, that’s precisely the problem, isn’t it?

An Indian cannot become King of France, for France cannot have a foreign king, which would be “contrary to the Salic law.”

That, of course, is assuming they actually are Bourbons, which is doubtful.

Further, they claim to be descended from a Jean Phillippe de Bourbon (whom there is no record of), a secret son of Charles, Duke of Bourbon.

This presents another problem: the children of secret marriages are not considered legitimate for dynastic purposes:

…the children to be born of those marriages whose participants held or shall hold secret during their lifetime, who feel rather the shame of concubinage than the dignity of marriage, shall be incapable of any inheritance, as well as their issue…


So, even if we were to take these supposed Bourbons at their word, they would have zero claim to the throne of France.