Refuting an Anjouist Dishonesty

Arms of France with the Sacred Heart of Jesus


A certain Anjouist, whom we don’t feel is worthy of mention*, has made an absurd, petty, and dishonest assertion against the late Count of Paris, de jure Henri VII of France.

[*The man in question is a devious character who (ironically) calls his opponents “liars” and “idiots.” He prefers to use personal attacks rather than evidence or reliable sources.]

The man claims that the late Prince was adding a “break” to the arms of France; thus the Prince was showing his cadet status — a way of saying that the Prince was not the Head of the House of France.

This is absolutely wrong.  Most of the article is little more than an inane diatribe against the Orleans.  This, once again, shows the Anjouist reasoning for their support of the Spanish Bourbons: it has little to do with their support for the Fundamental Laws (which they pervert for their own purposes), but rather their hatred of the Orleans.


On the 18th of December of 2018, the late Count of Paris uploaded the new coat of arms to his website.  Upon the Arms of France, he added the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  He then gives his reasons:

In this off-the-wall world everyone regrets the loss of our bearings and that of our Christian values. But life is a short passage on earth and we forget that, on the other side, we will have accounts to give.

It’s never too late to understand what everyone is asking.
Yet many of us trust the demon to help them acquire money and power. Few of them understand that if the devil exists, God Almighty allows him to exist.

To each of us then to make your choices and do not reject our faith, source of life.

The very next day, the late Prince goes on to explain that it was his right, as Head of the Royal House of France, to add the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Arms of France.

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