The Age of the Anti-State

We live in a dark age, an age of inversion and insanity.  What was wrong has been deemed “right,” what was right is now “wrong.”  What was common sense in the old days is now “insanity” or “hate speech.”

Gone are the days of the State.  We live in the age of the Anti-State.

The State

What is the Anti-State? you might ask.  First, it is not to be confused with anti-statism.  No, the Anti-State is simply the opposite of the true state, just as the Anti-Christ is the opposite of Christ.

Thus, to define the Anti-State, we must first define the State.

The State is more than simply the institution of governance by a people over a territory.  That is a purely materialist, post-“Enlightenment” definition.

Traditional man understood the State to be an organic institution of divine origin.  This is common not just in Christianity, but is found in all cultures.  The Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the ancient Vedic religion — they all believed society operated under a divine law, and that the State was there to govern by divine will.

The State is an extension of the smallest unit of governance, the family.  That is one reason why monarchy is the most natural and sacred form of government.

These are the thoughts of Confucius, Aristotle, and the Romans — who, even during the Republic — referred to certain heroes as “Fathers of the State.”

In those many states which practised monarchy, it was believed that kingship was of divine origin, and that the king was a priestly figure who served as a bridge between the divine world (being) and the mortal world (becoming).1.

Even in non-monarchical states, like the Roman Republic, it was understood that the State was of divine origin.  The first yearly meeting of the Senate took place at the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, who was ironically the god of kingship, a concept abhorred by the Roman Republic.

Other meetings would sometimes take place at other temples.  But before such meetings took place, sacrifices were made to the gods, and they took care to look for divine omens.

The laws of the State were likewise considered of divine origin.2. Crime, therefore, was not just a transgression against society, but a type of sacrilege against the divine.

This fact is further attested in Romans 13:

Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God.  Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves.3.

The Vedic Laws of Manu say much the same:

5. Because a king has been formed of particles of those lords of the gods, he therefore surpasses all created beings in lustre; […]

13. Let no (man), therefore, transgress that law which favourites, nor (his orders) which inflict pain on those in disfavour.

14. For the (king’s) sake the Lord formerly created his own son, Punishment, the protector of all creatures, (an incarnation of) the law, formed of Brahman’s glory.

15. Through fear of him all created beings, both the immovable and the movable, allow themselves to be enjoyed and swerve not from their duties.

16. Having fully considered the time and the place (of the offence), the strength and the knowledge (of the offender), let him justly inflict that (punishment) on men who act unjustly.4.

This modern idea of a “secular” state would be a foreign concept to traditional man.  The very origin of the word State shows this.  The word comes from the Latin status and the Greek stéo, meaning to stay or stand.  This symbolises the stagnant world of the divine, which is the source of the true (divine) state and its laws.

The Anti-State

Today, the world is inverted.  No longer is “legitimate” authority of divine origin, no longer does it come from above.  No, these days it comes from below, from the demos, “the people.”

This, of course, is contrary to all logic and reason.  The individuals of the demos have no authority in and of themselves, so how can they transfer authority to someone else? By what logic or right does the mob of the demos have authority?

It is clear and evident that there can be no higher authority than that of the divine.  It was the divine which created the universe and all the things in it.  It is the divine that has the power to create and destroy.  That is true power, and without power, there can be no authority.

Reason has been perverted to justify this inversion.  The new ideas have been rationalised to support the freedom of the individual over society and the family.  The traditional and transcendent view of virtue has been replaced with “pain and pleasure.”

Many so-called “states” of today are officially secular, while the others might as well be, ruling over a populace that is spiritually dead.  Let us remember: it is the spiritually dead demos that grants authority to its rulers.  At least that’s how the theory goes.

We likewise see the great lie of egalitarianism and the cult of equality.  A simple look at reality and nature show just how truly absurd the idea is.  Social hierarchy is the law of nature and the divine order of humanity.

It is a wonder if even the supposed supporters of the equality lie even believe it.  Many of these are, ironically, at the top — the so-called “elites.”

The Anti-Aristocracy

These supposed “elites” are the politically connected, the financiers, the celebrities, and the others.  They are the Anti-Aristocrats.  Just as the State has its Aristocracy, the Anti-State has the Anti-Aristocracy.

It used to be that the priestly and warrior classes were at the top, followed by merchants, and then the others.5. These were the ones closest to the divine.6.  It was the Aristocrats who performed sacred rites and fought and bleed for the glory of the divine State.

These new “elites,” the Anti-Aristocrats perform no sacred rites.  They do not glorify the divine.  They came to their positions by material means, and they espouse the ideas they are expected to — the cult of the demos, egalitarianism, progress, materialism, etc.


Such is the dark age we live in.  There is only one solution: restore the State!

It is imperative we return to kingship, aristocracy, and the divine order.  Rebel against the satanic Anti-State.  Condemn the cults of demos, progress, and perverted reason.


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