An Anjouist Plot

The Facebook page for Scots for a French Royal Restoration (SFRR) was deleted by Facebook recently.  Why? What rule did they violate?

Nudity, apparently.  What ghastly nude image was posted?  Some naked cherubs, of course.  Someone flagged the image above for “nudity.”  For whatever absurd reason, Facebook agreed and deleted the page.  Common sense is dead.

But that is not all.  Another page of similar name was created by an infamous Anjouist by the name of Louis de Lauban.  The page was called “Scots for a legitimist royal restoration in France.”  That page would later be deleted, for some unknown reason, and then recreated.

The infamous Anjouist who created the fraudulent page has a history of lying and defaming other people.  Now, he has stolen SFRR’s hard work and intellectual property.

Recently, the same Anjouist claimed that the King of France could be Congolese!  This is something, of course, contrary to the Fundamental Laws and the Salic law of France.  And this person has the audacity to usurp the name Legitimist.

It would not surprise me if Mr de Lauban and his cronies were the ones responsible for SFRR being deleted from Facebook.  Their past behaviour makes it clear that this is something they would likely do.

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