A Response to Le Courrier Royal

We must respond to an article titled “Généalogie de la Maison de France,” which states that Prince François was declared a “non-dynast” due to his disability.

It is true that the late Henri VI made such a declaration, but that declaration was revoked by his son, the de jure Henri VII of France. The reasoning for such revocation was simple: it was ultra vires — that is to say — the king did not have the authority to unilaterally alter the line of succession.

Henri VI’s declaration was contrary to the fundamental laws of the kingdom. Therefore, with Henri VI’s death in 1999, Prince François became the de jure Dauphin of France until his passing on 30 December 2017.

We believe it is imperative for the royalist cause to fight for the truth: that Prince François could not be deprived of his right of succession simply because of a disability.