Refuting “The Royal Controversy” from VLR

There is an article (archive) on the Anjouist/pseudo-legitimist site known as Vive le Roy. Naturally, they support the wrongful King of France, Don Luis Alfonso Gonzalo Víctor Manuel Marco de Borbón y Martínez-Bordiú, whom his supporters call “Louis XX.” [It is worth noting that despite our opposition to Don Luis’s pretentions to the French Throne, … More Refuting “The Royal Controversy” from VLR

Anjouists have a Post-Jacobin understanding of the French Question

The French Question It has been definitively proven that no foreigner can become King of France, nor can a prince of a foreign line become king, even if that prince regained his status as French. Anjouists argue that the Spanish Bourbons are “French by blood.” Not only is this wrong (since it was not a … More Anjouists have a Post-Jacobin understanding of the French Question

Getting the Facts Straight

The House of Bourbon-Orleans is the Royal House of France according to the true meaning and intent of the Fundamental Laws of the kingdom. The Parlement of Paris, a judicial body of the Old Regime, ruled that foreigners are prohibited from the succession. The same court likewise declared that the Salic law prohibits the kingdom … More Getting the Facts Straight

Refuting Hilaire de Curzon

Hilaire de Curzon was an Anjouist and President of Union poitevine des syndicats agricoles, an agricultural union.  In 1913, Curzon published De la Nationalité des princes de la branche ainée des Bourbons (1913). The work consists of a Foreword, three chapters, and a conclusion — all written in the defence of the Spanish Bourbons.  It … More Refuting Hilaire de Curzon

Foreign Prince Redux

Not long after our publication of “What is a ‘Foreign Prince’?” there has been some confusion.  Anjouists, who are wont to manipulate facts to absurd levels, claim we are “ignorant of history” and the meaning of a “foreign prince” (Prince étranger). The purpose of the above article was not to go into the history of … More Foreign Prince Redux

A Catholic and French King

The Arrêt le Maistre of 1593 made two things very clear and confirmed two principles as being part of the Fundamental Laws: The king must be Catholic and French. That the fundamental laws of this kingdom be kept and the judgments given by the said court for the declaration of a Catholic and French king executed; and … More A Catholic and French King